Conservation of nature means the protection of species from extinction or harm. It can include maintaining and restoring habitats, and protecting  biological diversity as well as preventing the wasteful use of resources.

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How can you Help?

Helping to conserve wildlife is something that you can help with from your own home!  There are lots of things that you can do to help nature.

Planting a wildflower area in your school, your garden, or even in a window box, can provide lots of food for pollinating insects, as well as helping plant species if you choose native wildflower seeds. Making a pond area, building an insect hotel or making a nestbox for birds are all ways to create a habitat or safe place in your garden and will encourage a wide range of wildlife.

If you have space, you can get involved with tree planting schemes.  You can also be careful to use fewer chemical based weedkillers or pesticides as these can harm creatures all along the food chain as well as killing off plants.

Many charities allow you to ‘sponsor’ an endangered animal, where the money you send allows experts to help with breeding and protecting endangered animals across the globe.

You can also be aware of the choices you make when choosing products to buy as some are more environmentally friendly than others.  By choosing foods that use ingredients are from ecologically managed sources, or choosing to switch to an energy company that uses renewable energy, you can make an impact. Finally, be aware of what you throw away. Could it be reused or recycled instead? Caring about our resources  instead of wasting them is a way to help conservation!

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