Many kinds of dolphins and porpoises are sociable animals and live in schools varying in size from a small family group to around 1,000 individuals. 


Communication and Intelligence

The hearing of all the whale family is astoundingly acute - and recent studies suggest that the larger species of whales can hear other whales of the same species calling over a distance of 300 miles or more! The dolphins certainly seem to communicate with each other and in the process of doing so use several ranges of sounds from whistles to rapid clicks.

The dolphins are considered to be, next to Man, the most highly intelligent of all animals. Their relative body to brain size is similar to those of humans and their ability to reason, learn and communicate has amazed scientists who have worked with these interesting animals. Sadly, several hundred thousand dolphins of various kinds die each year by accident as they become entangled in fishing nets and drown.

Dolphins have been able to demonstrate understanding and mimicry of humans and other dolphins. Different local groups develop their own 'cultures', such as types of hunting methods that are passed down through generations. Dolphins each have their own individual sound, the equivalent of their 'name', which they use to identify one another. They seem to be able to remember each other many years after meeting. 


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