Dragonflies are fast-flying, four-winged insects with long bodies and enormous eyes. The adult dragonfly has the biggest eyes in the insect world and they are capable of detecting movement up to 15m away!



Dragonfly © Karen Roe CC BY 2.0The order of insects to which dragonflies belong (Odonata) is divided into two sub-orders.
The first of these (Anisoptera) includes the large, fast-flying dragonflies while the second (Zygoptera) covers the smaller, slower-flying damselflies.

There are 6,500 named species of
dragonfly worldwide. In Britain and Ireland there are about 30 species of dragonfly and about 20 species of damselfly

Habitat: Wetlands, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, canals, bogs and ditches.

Lifespan: Over a year from egg stage.

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