A species becomes extinct when its death rate is continually greater than its birthrate.


What is Extinction?

do doExtinction is a word which has an uncomfortable air of finality about it, rather like death! Whereas people are rarely unanimous in their definition of the word conservation, there can be no doubt that to practically everyone extinction means to be wiped out completely. To become extinct is to be gone forever. In fact the process of extinction follows this simple rule:

"A Species Becomes Extinct when its
Death rate is Continually Greater than its Birthrate".

Risk of extinction has only been calculated for
less than 5% of the Earth's species.  However
according to the IUCN, the best esimates are that 
41% of amphibians and 26% of mammals are

Extinction generally occurs under one of three headings:

  • Natural Extinction
  • Direct Extinction
  • Indirect Extinction
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