Red howler monkeys are thought to be one of the noisiest land animals on the planet!



Red Howler MonkeyOrder: Primates

Family: Atelidae

IUCN Status: Least Concern

Population Trend: Decreasing

Distribution: From northern Colombia and Venezuela south to the Amazon. From the Andes south to central Bolivia.

Habitat: Forest canopy

Size: length: male head & body: 49-72cm. female: 46-57cm. tail: 50-75cm.

Weight: male 6.5kg. female 4.5-7kg. Life-span: 15-20 years

Food: Fruit, leaves, flowers, small birds, reptiles and mammals.

Sexual maturity: 4-8 years

Gestation: 140 days

Number of young: 1 - female gives birth every two years

Appearance: Red howler monkeys have naked faces, framed by fur, with protruding muzzles and snub noses. They have long, silky, reddish-gold coats and long, muscular tails which are heavily furred except for the underside of the end third, which is naked - an adaptation for gripping branches

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