Snails and slugs are distant relatives of the octopus, a creature that is so intelligent it is the only invertebrate that is recognised as sentient in the Cambridge 2012 Declaration of Consciousness. 



Common OctopusOrder: Octopoda

Family: Octopodidae

Species: Octopus vulgaris

IUCN Status: Least Concern

Distribution: Throughout the world's temperate oceans, sometimes around Britain in warm weather.

Habitat: Rocks and crevices; seabed.

Description: Bag- shaped body, with bulbous head and eight tentacles. Skin colour varies to match the environment.

Size: Length: up to 3m, though commonly smaller

Weight: up to 25kg. Females mature at 1kg, males at 100g.

Food: Mainly crabs, crayfish and molluscs.


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