The Siberian tiger is a very rare species of tiger. From an estimated low in 2010 of 360, in May 2015 the Russian
Government announced that the Siberian (or Amur) Tiger has increased in numbers to between 480 and 540.



The Siberian tiger’s mating season tends to be from December to January. The normal gestation period is three to three and a half months.

An average litter size is three or four cubs. The cubs are born blind and are around the size of a house cat. After about two weeks their eyes start to open and their teeth begin to grow. They are weaned at six months and independent by 18 months. They will start hunting on their own within their first year, however, they do not leave their mother and establish their own territories until they reach three to five years old. Unfortunately it is usual for only one cub from each litter to survive to maturity.

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