UK based low-cost airline EasyJet has announced that it could be flying electric planes within the next ten years.

It has formed a partnership with Wright Electric, a US firm which is developing a battery-powered aircraft for use on flights lasting two hours or less.
Wright Electric believes its battery-powered planes will be 50% quieter and 10% cheaper for airlines to run than conventional jet airliners.
EasyJet is planning to use the aircraft on short-haul routes such as London to Paris and Edinburgh to Bristol.  The airline aims to be flying all short-haul flights with electric planes within the next twenty years.
This move follows on from an increasing trend among car makers to move away from diesel engines in particular and to look towards the production of increasing numbers of hybrid or full electric cars.  Volvo recently announced that from 2019 onwards, all the new cars it made would be either hybrid or fully electric.

Photo by Andrés Perillo.

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