Past & Current Sponsorships

YPTE has extensive experience of devising environmental award schemes and initiatives for schools and young people, including:

  • Young Environmentalist of the Year Awards (1986-2005) for sponsors including BAA Gatwick,Barclays, BT, GSK, Legal & General, Lloyds TSB, National Power, Nuclear Electric, RWE Thames Water, Vauxhall Motors, Woolwich Guernsey. A competition for the young relatives of company employees - great for internal relations.
  • BT Young Naturalist of the Year Awards (1993-97) for BT.  A national Award scheme for all primary schools in the UK.
  • Barclaycard LivingLand (2001-4) for Barclaycard.  A major sponsorship worth £1M per year, which saw YPTE massively increasing its services to schools and young people.  Projects included the LivingLand Awards, an environmental competiton for all schools in the UK, around 40 weeks per year of subsidised residential courses for schools in disadvantaged areas, an extension of YPTE's free school talks service and the delivery of regular free education materials to all UK schools.
  • Living for the Future Millennium Awards (2001-4) for The Millennium Commission.  Enabled over 120 young people aged 16-23 to set up and deliver environmental education projects to chosen communities e.g. local primary schools, universities, parks etc.  Total scheme value approx £400,000.
  • Making Waves in your Community (2004-5) for Northumbrian Water.  Encouraging young people in the northeast to take care of their local environment.
  • Better Energy School Awards (2006-2021) for TOTAL.  A competition for groups of young people aged 7-11.
  • Create a Sustainable Business Premier Dish (2017-2019).  A competition for young people aged 15-19 from the UK, France and Belgium, supported by Eurostar.
  • 2,000 Words to Change the World (2019-2020).  An essay writing competition for young people in the UK, devised in association with YPTE's Young Trustees and supported by Eurostar.

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