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Roots to Green Living has been specifically designed to inspire and educate children to understand, enjoy and care for the environment both now and in the future. 

Children from schools in an area of the sponsor’s choice will be given expert support and encouragement to enable them to develop and maintain new environmental areas and facilities for their school grounds.  Examples might include school ponds, wildlife areas, nature trails and vegetable plots.  All Roots to Green Living projects will give parents and grandparents along with staff from the sponsoring company the opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise.   YPTE will employ an Education Officer to assist and advise the schools on setting up environmental projects and provide ongoing support and development.  This support will be delivered through regular visits from the Education Officer, who will be an individual carefully selected for both their knowledge and their genuine passion for the natural world.  They will assist in developing school environmental areas that are sustainable into the future and not just for the duration of the sponsorship.

There will be opportunities for the sponsor's staff team to volunteer to assist with environmental projects in the school grounds.  The scope and duration of the project can be tailored to sponsors' budgets.

Roots to Green Living has ambitious aims.  

The environmental clubs and facilities created by each project will be the tangible output of Roots to Green living. The participants will leave a legacy at each of their schools, which children, teachers and parents will be able to maintain years into the future at minimal cost, to help educate them and to encourage many more to make a similar commitment to the natural world. 

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