Benefits of supporting Roots to Green Living

Why Roots to Green Living is good for corporate sponsors

  • Opportunities for Roots to Green Living projects to be featured in local media e.g. Openings of gardens, environmental areas, ponds etc., Green Fairs, Grow-your-own schemes
  • Invitations to journalists to attend events at schools to demonstrate the results of your support for Roots to Green Living
  • Excellent for fostering community relations in chosen localities
  • Reports on Roots to Green Living activities and courses to appear on school websites
  • Possibility of giving branded kit e.g. t-shirts, waterproofs, rucksacks etc. to participants
  • Your sponsorship to be featured prominently on YPTE’s website
  • Opportunities for employees to volunteer in their local community or to attend residential courses (subject to DBS checks)
  • Opportunities to expand scheme as the project progresses - readily replicable elsewhere

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