Biodiversity describes the whole range of the different varieties of living things and systems on this earth, including animal species, plant species, genes, ecosystems and landscapes.


Biodiversity and Humans

Biodiversity and the protection of our ecosystems is also important to us all as individuals. We can all appreciate the beauty of biodiversity whether we are looking at a view, rock-pooling, going for a walk in a wood or sitting in a garden. Human beings like to live in a varied natural environment with open spaces to walk and play in, trees for shade, colourful flowers, clean water for swimming and paddling, birds and animals. What would our world be like without trees?

Furthermore, without healthily functioning ecosystems, the food that we rely on to live would be affected and the landscapes in which we live could be destroyed by a changing climate. 

There is also an ethical side to maintaining biodiversity. Many people feel that it is their duty to pass on the same natural world to their children that they have enjoyed. Some argue that species themselves have their own value and right to exist whether humans need them or not.

Our landscapes also reflect our history and contribute to our sense of belonging and our natural world has inspired our imagination, poetry and art for thousands of years.

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