Electric vehicles are becoming more popular.  In this factsheet we explore why.


What are the benefits of electric cars?

Electric cars are more energy efficient

An amazing advantage electric cars have over fossil-fuel powered ones is their efficient use of the energy you put into their batteries.  An electric car converts between 75 and 95% of its available energy into motion.  A fossil fuel car can only convert a maximum of around 30% of the energy stored in its fuel into motion.  The rest is lost in heat and friction.  So that’s a big win for electric cars!

Electric cars have incredible acceleration

Whilst this might not be strictly considered a benefit, many electric cars are capable of phenomenal acceleration.  This is because electric cars produce maximum torque at zero revolutions per minute (rpm) and can continue this pretty much through their rev range.  It’s what enables the large, seven-seat Tesla P90D to surge to 60 miles per hour in just 2.6 seconds when it’s set in ‘Ludicrous’ mode!  As of the summer of 2022, the Aspark Owl is the fastest-accelerating electric car available to buy, accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 1.69 seconds!

They can be really cool!

Electric cars can look strikingly different.  Electric cars like those produced by Tesla and BMW look highly distinctive and they are filled with all kinds of exciting technology.  Having driven an electric car, there is something pretty amazing about whizzing down the road with no noise except the wind and the tyres on the road.


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