Macaws are members of the parrot family which has 340 species. 17 different species of Macaw are found in the rainforests of South America.  Many of them are endangered.


Macaw Habits

Daily Life: except when breeding, macaws move about in screeching flocks. In the early morning, a screeching chorus begins as birds leave their roosts to gather in a tree. There they bask in the sun before setting off to feed. At midday, when the heat builds up they look for shade. When the sun's rays begin to weaken the birds come out again to feed. At dusk, they return to their assembly point, usually a bare tree, before separating to fly off to their individual roosts for the night. Blue and yellow macaws have been recorded flying as far as 25km to feed.

Although the macaw has such brilliant colours, it is actually very difficult to spot up in the tree canopy, against the golden shafts of sunlight and blue sky. This camouflage gives it some protection against birds of prey.



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