The sea otter is an almost exclusively marine animal, spending little time ashore. Its fur is thick and glossy and ranges in colour from black to dark brown, with some white tipped hairs.



Sea OtterOrder: Carnivora

Family: Mustelidae

Species: Enhydra lutris

IUCN Red List Status: Endangered

Population Trend: decreasing

Distribution: coastal waters of California, Western Alaska, the Commander and Kurile Islands, north of Japan.

Habitat: kelp beds

Size: up to 5 feet long, including a 1 foot long tail. Weighs up to 100lb.

Gestation: 8-9 months. Sexually mature at 3 years, mating can take place all year round.

Diet: sea urchins, crabs, abalones and other shellfish, also fish and octopus.

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