Humans on Earth produce more rubbish today than ever before.


Further Information


    * Can Makers Information Service or tel: 0207 072 4083
    * Alupro - Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation,
    * Waste Online

      To find out if there is an aluminium recovery centre in your area contact your local authority.

You can find locations for recycling most materials at:


    * British Scrap Federation


    * Reclamation Association
    * National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) - Waste Watch (Recycling)
      Provides advice and training for voluntary groups who want to become involved in recycling.
    * Friends of the Earth
    * Waste Online
    * Recyclers World
    * Recycle More

This factsheet has been compiled with information provided by
Pictorial Charts Educational Trust and Waste Online

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