The red squirrel, the original 'Squirrel Nutkin' of Beatrix Potter fame, is one of our favourite British mammals but it is declining in numbers and classified as an endangered species.


Protecting the Red Squirrel

A lot more information about red squirrels will have to be gained through careful observation in the wild. In this way we may be able to decide exactly why they have declined so dramatically and work out ways in which we can help them recover. One way may be to provide extra food rations to help them over bad winters. Another way, as with the otter, may be to breed them in captivity and re-introduce some into protected, suitable habitats.

In January 2012 two new breeding enclosures for the red squirrel were opened in Norfolk.  These two sites brings the number of breeding areas up to 10 in a bid to increase red squirrel populations.  These controlled areas allow squirrels to be secluded from the threat of grey squirrels and other predators.

For more information visit the websites of the Red Squirrel Survival Trust, Red Squirrels Northern England and the UK Red Squirrel Group.

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