Green woodpeckers are most common in old parkland but will live happily in any habitat that offers a mixture of large old trees and areas of close cropped grass. In the trees they excavate nest holes in soft wood with their powerful beaks.



Picture of a Green WoodpeckerOrder: Piciformes

Family: Picidae

Species: Picus viridis (European)

Distribution: Widespread over England and Wales; during the last 40 years it has spread rapidly northwards and reached central and eastern Scotland. Also central and southern Europe.

Habitat: Open deciduous woodland with wide clearings and areas of short grass. Also common in parkland, orchards and large gardens.

Description: Dull green back, paler underparts, bright yellowish rump, red crown; male has a red moustache, female a black one.

Size: 32cm (12 in); beak length: 4.5cm; tongue length: 10cm; wingspan: 41cm.

Life-span: Oldest known bird, 7 years 4 months.

Food: Mainly ants but also wood-boring insects and their larvae, beetles, moths and flies. Will also eat fruit and seeds.

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