Young people aged 15 to 19 have until 8 September 2017 to create a sustainable dish!

What we eat not only has an impact on our health. Our choices can also cause significant environmental impacts.  For example, animal agriculture produces 18% of our global annual greenhouse gas emissions.  And that's not surprising, as our global cattle herd currently stands at just under one billion head of cattle.  Each of those cows produces between 250 and 500 litres of methane gas per day.  Methane is a greenhouse gas that's up to 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide and remains in the atmosphere for around 11-12 years.  To put this into context, all of the transport in the world - all the cars, buses, trucks, trains, planes etc. produce 13% of our annual global greenhouse gas emissions.  So choosing to go meat-free for a few meals a week could be one way to start to reducing your personal impacts on the planet.

YPTE has teamed up with Eurostar, together with European partners GoodPlanet Foundation in France and GoodPlanet Belgium to create a new competition challenging young people to come up with great recipes made using sustainable, seasonal foods.  'Create a sustainable Business Premier dish' is open to young people aged 15 to 19 living in the UK, France and Belgium.  The overall winner will have their dish served in Eurostar's Business Premier class for three months and receive a prize of £1500 cash, while the runners-up will each receive £500 in cash.  Michelin-starred chef and Culinary Director for Business Premier, Raymond Blanc is among the judges for the competition.

Entries close on 8 September, so you'll need to be quick.  To find out more, please click here.

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