Leopards, jaguars, snow leopards, pumas, lions, tigers and cheetahs are some of the largest members of the cat family. Find out more about them here!



(Felis concolor)also Puma

This cat inhabits North and South America and is also known as the cougar or mountain lion. It is about the size of a leopard. Pumas are very powerful and active and are good climbers; they live in a great variety of habitats from forest to desert, but they are most numerous in wooded mountainous country. Deer are their most common prey. Pumas are able to leap up to 5 metres into the air and as far as 12 to 14 metres horizontally. They can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour during short and powerful sprints while catching their prey.  Pumas can live for up to 20 years.



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