We get many emails from young people asking us what they can do to play a greater part in the conservation movement, and so we have compiled this list of activities so that you can choose one or two interesting projects to keep you occupied and to help you learn more about wildlife and its conservation.

If you need any further information on these activities, just let us know and we will be happy to help you out.


For Nature Detectives

Bird WatchingBird Watching:

Make notes on the birds you see in your garden or local park. What do they eat? How often do they visit? Are any of them nesting in your area? Once you start keeping a bird observation diary, you will find it very interesting to compare your evidence with other days, weather or seasons. Remember that if you live in a town or city there are still plenty of birds to observe.


A squirrel survey:

How many are there in your area? Which trees do they prefer? Can you find any evidence of their presence e.g. fruit or nuts gnawed by squirrels. You could keep your information in a special folder with maps and drawings.

Study a tree:

Study a tree throughout the changing seasons of the year. You could make quite a nice scrapbook if you include bark rubbings, pressed leaves and drawings of buds, flowers or fruits. You could study the animals that live on or around the tree and note what time buds appear and leaves fall etc.)

Favourite animal:

You may have a favourite animal. Why not try to learn more about this animal. Is it an endangered species? Where does it live? Collect relevant news cuttings about your animal to keep your project up to date.

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