The mole is not seen very often. The heaps of soil (molehills) which it makes whilst tunnelling gives its presence away. In medieval times it was called a moldewarp (earth thrower).



Moles breed from March to May only. The male (boar) visits the female (sow) in her burrow and leaves straight after mating, taking no part in raising the young. The female builds a special chamber about the size of a football and lines it with dry grass and leaves. An extra large molehill, or 'fortress', usually covers the nest chamber. A food store will be close by.

After a gestation period (time between mating and birth) of 30 days, a litter of 2-7 young is born. The babies are blind and naked at birth and do not grow fur until they are 2 weeks old. At about 3 weeks of age their eyes open. They grow quickly, feeding on their mother's milk, and are ready to leave the nest at about 35 days. They travel overland searching for territories of their own.

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