How we can identify animals by Footprints, Pellets, Nuts and Seeds, Droppings and Skulls


Nuts and Seeds


Pine cone eatenA pine cone eaten by a squirrel becomes frayed. They are nearly always found out in the open.


Pine cone eaten by mouseA cone eaten by a mouse has more tidily gnawed scales and the cones are found in sheltered places.


Pine cone attacked by wood peckerA cone attacked by a woodpecker. The scales are split longways.



hazelnut eaten by adult squirrelAn adult squirrel gnaws a small hole in the top and levers the nut open with its teeth.


Hazelnut eaten by young squirrelA young squirrel gnaws all over the nut until a hole appears.


hazelnut eaten by mouseA mouse usually attacks the side of the nut.


Hazelnut eaten by mouseMostly nuts eaten by birds like the great tit show beak marks on the smooth brown surface.


An acorn and a horse chestnut (conker) eaten by a field mouse.


almond eaten by house mouseAn almond eaten by a house mouse.

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